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Default Everything changes...

It used to be that technology advanced at a predetermined pace. You bought a camera or computer and it was good for a couple of years. Then you bought a new one. And it was good for the next couple of years.

Things are different now. Things change much more rapidly. Almost every week. New capabilities happen every time you turn around. You have to pay attention.

At RED, we make you stay awake. New firmware builds happen often. REDCINE-X updates happen all the time. New color science. New features are enabled. Improvements happen often... usually free.

The idea of buying a new camera every time something new comes along is just too expensive. That is why we subscribe to the "update" philosophy.

"Everything can, and will, be made better. It is just a matter of when and by whom." Trust us to keep you current.


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Neil A Russell
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I like the philosophy and don't want to take anything away from what JJ says here, but I'm old enough to remember how fast computer tech changed not so many years ago.

I was building PC/XT machines and there were times when the tech would change before a parts order hit my door. A couple of years made a machine an antique.

I do like to think that now we've reached a stage where upgradeablility really means using the same unit with improved components and not like those old days when "upgradeable" meant replacing the whole works anyway.

The timing on the new generation of RED camera systems, both Epic and Scarlet, seem to bear this out.
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