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Default sensor update for Scarlet 2012

we know that the Dragon sensor update for the Scarlet will be more expensive than for the Epic, because it includes a board change. I read at RU it will cost around $20k. Can someone confirm this? If it's true, it would not make much sense to the customer, because he/she could buy a new body for that price.
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Jerrod Cordell
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Where did you here that? It was about $6000 for the MX upgrade so I wouldn't expect it to be much more than that.
Jerrod Cordell
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Ryan Farnes
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This whole notion of upgrading seems...hmm, not pointless, but not all that purposeful.

So you can upgrade. Cool. If recent history is any indicator, every other upgrade will be accompanied by a superior camera body that you're going to want.
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Tim Nitsch
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Sounds kind of like apple

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iPhone 3Gs

iPhone 4
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Pietro Impagliazzo
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A DP friend of mine just did an amazing short film with the RED One M this year.

Upgrading is great if you want and can afford the latest and best, but the original RED One still delivers.

While 4K is the norm, there's no reason for Scarlet to be considered an inadequate tool.

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Pietro Impagliazzo
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David Rasberry
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Graeme mentioned in a thread at RU on Scarlet ISO ratings that RED MX sensor has about the same DR and latitude as Kodak Vision 3 5219 color negative.
Not too shabby.
5219 is rated 500 ISO tungsten and 320 daylight with a filter.
RED MX optimum ISO range is between 320 and 800, with 800 being the 0 reference point for Redgamma 2 and Redlogfilm algorithms according to Graeme.
I could be very happy with that for a long long time.

Red obviously hasn't said anything officially so no one knows what the prices will be.
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Old 11-22-2011, 02:08 PM   #7
Ryan Paige
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I like the idea behind offering upgrades to existing products. At least that gives customers a choice as to which direction they'd like to take (new camera or upgrade existing... assuming that choice continues into the future).
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Tim Hole
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My guess is that an upgrade will be in the region of $6K, but I wouldn't expect a Monstro Scarlet to be any higher (by the time of release) than the current Scarlet X offering.

I also do expect RED to give certain unexpected updates to the Scarlet in the meantime through firmware updates, that won't affect the EPIC line. A lot of EPIC customers will make back the price of an EPIC in a few jobs, so the additionally capabilities and compression ratios are of supreme benefit in the long run. I think that people who work everyday with the cameras realises this. So I think that RED should give Scarlet X everything it can possibly do, as it will be limited by HW anyway. Don't forget that some of the spec's (including higher frame rates) weren't capable on the Scarlet until a week before NOV 3rd.
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Angus Mackay
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My worry about upgrades would be the unknown nature of them (since Red, understandably, stopped telling everyone what they intend to do).

The problem (for the mainstream) is that Red's programme will most likely primarily look to build on present Red advantages, adding more spacial resolution and maybe more native latitude. That development path is unlikely to be one that also addresses key Red weaknesses like indifferent low light performance. I think for anyone other that someone making movies with a reasonable budget the Dragon programme will be overkill.

I would think that for most Scarlet owners an upgrade to something close to the current Epic spec would be much more attractive (even if it was a bit costly). That would still protect Epic's place at the top end and give Scarlet owners a fully featured 4K camera.
Angus Mackay
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