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Default Caption This!... (dog & girl)

Practice safe filmmaking; use a concept.
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Peter Mosiman
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Finally instead of a movie where a guy takes a hit for the girl of his dreams...a dog decides its time for him to step up and take the bullet (or snowball in this case )
It isn't the cinematographer who owns the film, but rather the film and its story that owns the cinematographer." -- Anthony Dod Mantle, ASC
"Lose the ego. Do great work and take pride in it, but donít be arrogant about how great you think you are." - Chuck Russom

Gaffers Unite! - A blog dedicated to lighting/rigging techniques.
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David Rasberry
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I don't care if you can tap dance like Fred Astaire, you're still just a dog.
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Roberto Merlini
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Im only with him cause he's a Rapp Star.
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