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Default Buest Guess at Fixed Lens Release Date

Economic times have prompted Jim to announce a cutback on overtime on the development of the new RED camera systems so when do you think that the fixed lens Scarlet will be released now?

I think it will be around November, that's Fall in the US plus two months for the slowdown. Hopefully it's before February 2010. Thoughts?
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When it's right...

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Zac C
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I plan to have it by Spring 2010
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I think Jim is cutting back on paying for expedited deliveries from suppliers. He might also cut back on overtime to in-house contractors. Salaried employees don't get paid overtime. Many of them will continue to work long hours of their own accord simply because they believe in the company and are obsessed with the products - like us.
Jon Fairhurst
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Originally Posted by Zac Crosby View Post
I plan to have it by Spring 2010
What month is that? It's annoying when US companies release things in 'spring' and everyone in the southern hemisphere has to convert it!!
Wikipedia says March
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I'm hoping I'll be able to afford one within a few months after it comes out -- whenever that is...

Other priorities have come up, and I still need to work on that MacBook Pro first so that I can handle the footage...
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David Gray
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I'm hoping for some form of announcement at IBC. So September.
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I think the product will be finished in March 2010, then those people on a promise will get their machine for May-June, and the 2nd round rush for a limited production to Scarlteers may come around for July, but most won't get a look in till September.
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J Davis
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The announcement of a delay may be a ruse to fool Canon, Pana and Sony.
Remember Nov 13 and Dec 3 announcements?
Jim likes dropping bombshells and there is a slim
chance we may get it sooner than later.

Lets stay positive ppl.

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David Rasberry
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I think by Christmas.
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