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Default Beta Camera Build 3.2.8

Beta Builds
Epic v3.2.8 -
Scarlet v3.2.8 -

Direct link for today for all you guys paying attention.. will go up on RED.COM tomorrow.


Significant changes since previous build v3.0.7:
* Added 5K HD, 3K HD, 2K HD, 1K HD formats
* Added 1K WS format (Epic 400fps, Scarlet 120fps)
* Added Target REDCode feature
* Added Post Record Fan Delay (max 1 minute)
* Added 1-camera to multiple REDMote support
* Added Slate Information Dialog
* Added User RGB curves capability
* Added RMD file import/save/apply
* Added Gyro support
* Added Side Handle Key Lock Feature
* Added Audio Gain/Limiter Controls
* Added Phantom Power Support(Hardware Rev Dependent)
* Added External record mode
* Added Force Restore Feature using Power Button
* Added HD-SDI Format controls
* Added 9" LCD Touchscreen support
* Added Dual Battery Module support
* Added Rear SSD Module support
* Added OLED EVF Brightness support
* Added Playback Frame, Title and Action Guide status
* Added PL Lens short circuit detection
* Enhanced Keys assignment dialog
* Enhanced Preset dialog
* UI usability enhancements
* Camera Name now defaults to camera type (i.e., SCARLET/EPIC)
* Fix for Playback using EVF
* Fix for Playback support of 5K and 5K ANA
* Fix for Zoom Rocker +/- Mapping
* Fix for HD-SDI output scaling
* Fix for LCD image 'stutter' when panning
* Fix for camera freeze when changing AF/MF with Focus dialog open
* Fix for Zebras disappearing after disconnect/reconnect of RED monitor
* Fix for scaling of 5K clips during Playback
* Fix for HD-SDI test pattern output levels

Operational notes specific to Build v3.2.8:

* An error will occur atempting to view more than 20 clips while in Playback

* Sensor Flip disabled

* Detaching monitor during playback will require reboot on monitor re-attach

* Camera powered RED BRICK may display voltage instead of battery capacity on some cameras.

* EVF black level raised in some cases

* ISO setting limited to min of 250

* Image Magnify is available during preview, but not during recording.

* HD-SDI is True Progressive, and do not support 1080i or 1080 PsF signal formats.

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