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Cool All the best...

Scarlet-X is a pretty cool camera... But, it isn't the camera we were being told about over the past few years.

Putting that aside, I am just writing to say my goodbyes to Scarletuser. This has been a great place to be, and meet with all of you, and discuss our hopes for camera systems.

But, the place has more or less ground to a standstill now, and while I sympathise with those who would like to see this place evolve to be a more wide-ranging small-format Raw camera discussion forum, I'm skeptical that would even be possible.

The recent censorship trend here has made it very uncomfortable posting anymore. Anyone who knows me, knows I say what I see... As that isn't seemingly possible here any longer, I have to move on.

I hope it's clear to everyone I do so in friendship and without any negativity.

I'm easy to find on facebook (where I regularly let off steam), G+ (which, I will be making more use of in future), twitter (which I use rarely) and elsewhere. So, feel free to get in touch.

I'm active over at the digital bolex forums, on their site, and will be over at the bmc user forums as well at some point.

The next months are going to be very busy for me, as I have just taken ownership of land and several properties, which I am converting into production and post studios, here in Denmark. I'll be writing and making videos about that process on my soon to be released website.

All the best, and I hope you all get the cameras you've been waiting for! Let's get out there and shoot!

EDIT : Added some links to my sig (cheers, Angus).

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Angus Mackay
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Sorry you're going, Paul, it's been really good having you here and you've made a massive contribution. What's your Facebook so that I can send you a friend request?

All the best with future plans.
Angus Mackay
Corran Media Ltd
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Ameer Azari
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I've added you as Ameer Allybocus man (not a random stalker, lol)
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Ryan Farnes
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Cheers Paul!
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James M
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Best of luck to you, sir.
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There's a terrible draft in here...did someone leave the door open on their way out?
Love on the Rocks, ain't no surprise...

Good Luck!

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