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Default Stage 3, 3.5 and beyond...

We promised to step up production. We have.

There are two paths... those that are upgrading and those that are new buying EPIC and Scarlet.

While Stage 3 and 3.5 are a priority for us... it will take time to notify, receive RED ONE trade-ins, examine the returned cameras and collect the funds for the EPIC upgrade. This process is one at a time. And we are on it.

In the meantime... we are producing a ton of EPICs. Rather than just sit on them until all the Stage 3 and 3.5's are finished... we are beginning to fulfill new orders. Makes sense.

This shouldn't be a surprise. Those that are trading in their RED ONEs (for full credit) have a program that is unprecedented in the industry. But to think that we won't continue our business until this process is done is unrealistic. We aren't going to hold orders for new cameras while the upgrade process is in process as long as we have sufficient stock.

Stage 3 and 3.5 will not be held up. But neither will new orders while we have cameras.



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Ryan Paige
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Sounds fair. Where do I go to complain about it?
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