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Default A little Nikon Love....

I know it's hard for you Nikon lens guys out there to watch all the Canon guys having all the fun.. so I thought I would share a little clip from the final prototype that just came in.. it's pretty incredible. The Nikon mount as most of you know has been a bit tricky as Nikon requires actual motors in the mount where Canon has the motors in the lenses.

Anyways... here you go.. first look at the DSMC Nikon Mount in action.. Here is the Iris control "dampened" mode that takes out the click click click shifts you sometimes see in iris pulls. Since we make the motors.. we can make it pretty damn smooth.

Click the still to play the video...

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Opening seems to be much smoother than closing
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Originally Posted by prendi View Post
Opening seems to be much smoother than closing
That appears to be the fault of whomever is operating the redmote for this demonstration. Or the redmote itself... We all know it isn't the best working wireless tech.
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