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Default MeshMixer - Free

Meshmixer is a free tool for making crazy-ass 3D stuff without too much hassle

Ryan Schmidt's modeling tool for combining parts from different 3D models has been acquired by Autodesk. New features in Meshmixer07 include:

- New tools: Reduce Area, Transform, Extract, shelling for Extrude
- New SurfaceBrush with custom stamp textures, align-to-stroke, spacing control, and more
- Vertex Color support in dynamic mesh operations
- Paint and SmoothColor brush modes
- PLY import/export with vertex colors
- Move mode for VolumeBrush
- Custom Material importing
- Redesigned hotkeys

What are people saying about meshmixer?

"MeshMixer is awesome! It's like Mudbox on acid. Makes me wanna get a cheap laser scanner and just start splicing random stuff together!"
- @becausewecan on twitter

"I have it installed, it's pretty cool!"
- @MeatsMeier on twitter

"I don't believe what I just saw! is this thing for real?"
- INFINITE @ CGSociety Forum

"This is Huge! Mind Blown!"
- PThomas @ CGSociety Forum

"If you implement this stuff into 3ds Max... I'd kiss you. Like, seriously."
- ThomasMahler @ CGSociety Forum

"is that easy? this is like what i always wanted booleans to do! awesome thinking man."
- yenvalmar @ CGSociety Forum [link]

"That is absolutely insane! I'll give it a try. "
- Andy1010 @ CGSociety Forum [link]

"Wait. So you're telling me that I can now combine elephants to make more elephants?"
- elephantinc @ SimplyMaya Forum

"Its so freaking EASY. Just downloaded it, exported a missilelauncher from blender, a little getting used to the controls and voilá, seamlessly integrated missilebunny"
- Jörzi @ BlenderArtists Forum

"In short, this looks really really fun! Messy and imprecise. I love it when something that is fairly technical like 3D modeling can be completely simplified. This to me seems like a 3D scrapbook tool. A way to take old and unused models and re-work them into something fun and new.?"
- Some Guy @ SimplyMaya Forum

"Once in a while we bump into a truly amazing product, and today its Meshmixer..."
- Fabbaloo Blog
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