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06-01-2010, 11:04 AM


Convert your DSLR video to edit-friendly formats, add timecode, and generate Web-resolution proxies, all in a single, time-saving pass.

Easy Conversion
Convert H264-encoded video to edit friendly formats

Insert Timecode
Timecode data can be inserted for any .mov file, including original Canon format files

Final Cut-friendly Output
Support for ProRes 4:4:4, SQ, LT or PhotoJPEG media for online work

Offline Format Support
Handles ProRes LT and PhotoJPEG format in 1080p to quarter resolution

Simple, Powerful Batch Processing
Grinder is multi-threaded for speed. Transcode as many files at once as there are cores (8 cores = 8 simultaneous files)

Frame Rate Conversion
Conform files to one frame rate for converting 30p and 60p media to 24p for slow motion use (Speed conversion only: Does not alter optical flow)

File Naming
Automatically adds file name burn-in to proxies, making it easy to track offline files

Timecode/Frame Number Burn-in
Makes matching of specific frames from offline to online media easy

Peter Mosiman
06-01-2010, 01:18 PM